Solutions Partner

Kern iT Solutions / KernWi-Fi seeks to form quality, long term business relationships in the Integrator and medium sized IT specialist space.

As a Kern iT Solutions / KernWi-FI  Authorised Solutions Partner, you will work with Kern iT Solutions / KernWi-Fi to assist us to facilitate relationships with new customers on a Commission basis.

Kern iT Solutions / KernWi-Fi will offer these arrangements based on criteria such as the potential Authorised Solutions Partner’s technical competence, existing client base, potential future sales, market exposure and positioning.

To be eligible to apply for Authorised Solutions Partner status, your business will need to have and continue to maintain the following:

  • a current ABN;
  • a high level of technical and sales skill.

If Kern iT Solutions / KernWi-FI  accepts your application, Kern iT Solutions / KernWi-Fi will provide point-of-sale material and support to ensure a smooth introduction to our services ordering processes, delivery methods and support systems.


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